Diridgeba fans tear the Yang mi!

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  耀世平台报道,As one of the most popular girls in the world, diridgeba has become a hot topic and a good source of resources. Dirigenba was a young newcomer at the beginning, not well known. After being excavated by jiashan, she gradually rose to the position of xiaodan in the entertainment circle and even higher. Although her journey looks like a hanging in the air, there is not a little of her efforts behind it, and of course there are people behind her who help. Yang mi, as a sister of jiaxing, is also the boss. Among these new people, she takes a great interest in diridgeba, and finds resources for her by herself. She patiently explains what she doesn't understand in the play. It can be said that Yang mi is the most dedicated boss who loves his subordinates the most. Although Yang mi is the boss, their relationship in private is really very good, diridgeba also mentioned Yang mi many times, the two people also warm the hearts of many fans.

  Shouldn't fans be "wearing a pair of pants" when the relationship is so good? But recently, two fans have been found to be tearing each other up. Under the weibo, in the post bar, as long as there is Yang mi or diridgeba, both fans will swear two words. A while ago, a personal studio set up by diridgeba sparked a spat between fans of both sides. Not long ago, Yang mi was scolded by her fans for not bringing diridgeba in the photos of the dinner party. Today fans say diridgeba has taken over Yang's resources, and tomorrow they say Yang doesn't really want to help her. Slowly, the debate has turned into a muckraking of history. But none of the fans will back down, so who is the white-eyed Wolf after all? But in my opinion, no one. Yang mi is good, dili geba is good, both sides certainly also have certain affection and mutual benefit existence. Fans are understandably protective. It should still be settled peacefully.


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